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Public Diplomacy / Hey you! Yeah you! You with the tiger head!
« Last post by Vindicator on December 10, 2011, 07:29:58 PM »
Hi there,

Just wanted to let you all know you guys are awesome <3
Polaris is forever grateful for your assistance and your all-round brilliance.

o/ STA!

P.S.: Just a quick reminder if you ever forget:
Public Diplomacy / Re: NpO loves STA
« Last post by bzelger on December 09, 2011, 05:57:26 PM »
Polar :wub:
Public Diplomacy / Re: NpO loves STA
« Last post by pezstar on December 09, 2011, 05:49:02 PM »
Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate the sentiment.
Public Diplomacy / NpO loves STA
« Last post by brokenhead on December 09, 2011, 05:47:36 PM »
I've just signed up for the STA forums, and I can't find a better place to post this. So I'll do it here.

I've been playing CN for a long time now. I first started about three years ago. When I first joined, I became a member of the NPO and got stomped during Karma. Then I joined NpO because (this sounds weird to say now, but I still love the crazy man) I loved Grub's posts. I got stomped during the Bi-Polar and Bye-Polar Wars. So I've never really been on the winning side of a conflict. But that doesn't matter to me. What matters is the community on CN that doesn't give two chips about pixels, that stays together no matter what, that doesn't die despite the odds, knowing that in the future our side will be judged just.

I'm a nobody. I've never had a government position. But I know solidarity when I see it, and I want to thank STA for burning pixels for a bigger truth - the truth of our undying friendship. We love you at the NpO and we always will.

- Brokenhead
Public Diplomacy / Merrie Melodies peace query 8/17/10
« Last post by pezstar on August 18, 2010, 03:49:38 AM »
[23:41] <Merrie_Melodies> Hello
[23:44] <pezstar> Hi.
[23:45] <Merrie_Melodies> JB been talking with me
[23:45] <Merrie_Melodies> no reps, peace offer and done?
[23:45] <pezstar> I don't know about all that.
[23:45] <pezstar> You've spent all day talking crap to us.
[23:45] <Merrie_Melodies> ok
[23:46] <pezstar> And put us through all kinds of unneccesary stress.
[23:46] <pezstar> So I'll open a thread in our government forum to talk about it and we'll see what the consensus is.
[23:46] <Merrie_Melodies> well I was rather looking for a \m/ STA war last night
[23:46] <Merrie_Melodies> Ill be quite hinest about that
[23:46] <Merrie_Melodies> honest**
[23:48] <pezstar> You had to know that wasn't going to happen. The treaty web is heavily in our favor, and a couple of your allies told your government that they would back folks on the other side of the war.
[23:48] <Merrie_Melodies> best shot there is going to be in awhile
[23:48] <Merrie_Melodies> alas, gone
[23:52] <pezstar> Why did you want to pick a fight with STA?
[23:53] <Merrie_Melodies> same reason you wanted to pick a fight with \m/ I suppose
[23:53] <pezstar> We didn't want to pick a fight with \m/. All we wanted to do was stop the precedent you were trying to set in it's tracks. We'd have done it to any alliance.
[23:56] <Merrie_Melodies> there was no precedent being set
[23:56] <Merrie_Melodies> it was a friggin joke
[23:57] <pezstar> Right. Except that \m/ threatened FnKA for raiding a GGA nation.
[23:57] <Merrie_Melodies> yeah, Stubbs did after he was told not too
[23:58] <Merrie_Melodies> tbh it doesnt involve me anymore what \m/ did. I really wanted to see how they would react, and I am disappointed
[23:58] <pezstar> They caved twice yesterday. You should not be surprised that they did it a third time.
[23:59] <Merrie_Melodies> its like a puppy, if you keep working one day it will pee outside
[23:59] <pezstar> Haha.
[00:20] <pezstar> So it looks like we're probably going to war you for a round and be done with it.
[00:22] <Merrie_Melodies> nukes?
[00:22] <Merrie_Melodies> might as well ask the ground rules
[00:27] <pezstar> If you destroy your nukes, we will keep it nuke free.
[00:28] <pezstar> But if you have one nuke at any point during the war, we will nuke.
[00:28] <pezstar> Is that a deal?
[00:28] <Merrie_Melodies> your choice I am fine either way
[00:28] <Merrie_Melodies> no nukes> ok
[00:28] <Merrie_Melodies> puts me at disadvantage but should still be fun
[00:28] <pezstar> If you want to use nukes, we're ok with that.
[00:29] <pezstar> Our goal is not to destroy you.
[00:29] <pezstar> You're an active contributing player.
[00:29] <pezstar> But at the same time, you DID try to start a war with STA and you caused all kinds of shit.
[00:29] <Merrie_Melodies> I tried to start a SF CnG split actuall :p
[00:30] <Merrie_Melodies> actually
[00:30] <pezstar> You could have just gone and spied on someone. :p
[00:30] <Merrie_Melodies> dont worry, if you to me as close to ZI I wouldnt leave so dont fear loosing a active player
[00:31] <pezstar> It's up to you. If you don't want nukes, destroy yours and let me know. If you want them, keep them and we'll use them.
[00:31] <Merrie_Melodies> anyways I'll dump nukes and see if I can get an anarchy conventionally
[00:31] <Merrie_Melodies> :p
[00:31] <pezstar> Ok
[00:33] <Merrie_Melodies> also in good faith
[00:33] <Merrie_Melodies>  [Message Unread]       8/17/2010 9:07:56 PM    In Spades     Foreign Aid Offer
[00:33] <Merrie_Melodies> I declined aid from RoK
[00:33] <Merrie_Melodies> that could have been a fun twist
[00:33] <pezstar> Thanks. We were going to go to RoK about it in just a moment.
[00:33] <pezstar> Well, it was sent before you were let go from your alliance, so it wouldn't have caused much drama. :p
Public Diplomacy / Re: Discussion between STA, \m/ and allies of each side 8-17-2010
« Last post by Azaghul on August 18, 2010, 03:30:06 AM »
\m/ being stupid imagine that!   ::)

Maybe their MoFA should learn their charter.  It's not anyone's job to go confirming what gov members say about their alliance.
Public Diplomacy / Discussion between STA, \m/ #2. 8/17/2010
« Last post by pezstar on August 18, 2010, 01:25:31 AM »
Session Start: Tue Aug 17 21:23:10 2010
Session Ident: #litterbox
03[21:23] * Now talking in #litterbox
03[21:23] * bzelger[STA]  has joined #litterbox
03[21:23] * GeraldM  has joined #litterbox
01[21:23] <@pezstar> I'm getting the two \m/ triums who are on in here.
[21:24] <bzelger[STA]> ok
[21:25] <GeraldM> talking to merrie now so hold on one sec
01[21:25] <@pezstar> Hi, Gerald. I've invited caliph.
01[21:25] <@pezstar> Sure. We have some time.
[21:25] <GeraldM> yea so far from what I can get this whole thing started over miscomunication and didn't go well from there >.<
03[21:26] * Caliph has joined #litterbox
[21:26] <Caliph> Hola
01[21:26] <@pezstar> Hey.
01[21:26] <@pezstar> So basically, we're here to talk about what's going to happen if Merrie attacks us tonight.
[21:26] <bzelger[STA]> Evening.
[21:27] <Caliph> if MM attacks tonight, the 2 nations on MM right now can retaliate for one full war cycle
01[21:27] <@pezstar> Just so we're clear, if he does not peace out his war with us, you will have to remove him from government, because you cannot have a government sanctioned war on STA.
01[21:27] <@pezstar> No. We'll put a stagger on him too, and we'll attack him for as long as we feel like.
[21:27] <Caliph> The problem is that you attacked him first, he has a right to defend his nation.
01[21:28] <@pezstar> We sent peace offers as agreed. If he doesn't want to abide by our agreement, we're going to attack him.
01[21:28] <@pezstar> And we're going to do it for as long as we please.
[21:28] <Caliph> The compromise I see is that he didn't accept the peace, so he can stay in the wars for one full war cycle
[21:28] <GeraldM> just so I can see, anyone got a link to the threats merrie said?
01[21:28] <@pezstar> And if you do not remove him frmo \m/ gov while he has the open war with us, we are going to attack you as well.
[21:28] <Caliph> with the existing wars staying active
01[21:29] <@pezstar> By you, I mean all of \m/.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> Not just your nation.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> No, there really isn't a compromise.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> We had an agreement.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> We are sticking to it.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> In said agreement, you said that if he attacked, we would be free to attack him.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> We'll be doing so.
[21:29] <Caliph> So you want us to expel a member from government and our alliance because you attacked him?
01[21:29] <@pezstar> Not the alliance.
[21:29] <GeraldM> hold on a sec caliph
01[21:29] <@pezstar> Just the government.
04[21:29] <Caliph> That is not what was said Pezstar
[21:29] <Caliph> what was said was if Merrie goes rogue, you can have him
[21:30] <Caliph> he has not gone rogue, defending against your two nations atacking him is not rogue.
01[21:30] <@pezstar> [03:27] <~EmperorMarx> Merrie won't be attacking
01[21:30] <@pezstar> [03:27] <&Kev_McD[Goauld|Tri]> no, Josshill[PC]
01[21:30] <@pezstar> [03:27] <&Kev_McD[Goauld|Tri]> but EM can
01[21:30] <@pezstar> [03:27] <~EmperorMarx> And if for some god awful reason that he does, then you can have him.
01[21:30] <@pezstar> That's exactly what was said actually.
01[21:30] <@pezstar> Along with our agreement to peace out the wars.
[21:30] <GeraldM> how about this, we remove merrie from gov, current wars continue for full cycle, and if merrie escelates you can continue, otherwise the issue is dropped?
[21:31] <bzelger[STA]> define escalates please
[21:31] <Caliph> that meant that we will do nothing about the current wars until they expire
[21:31] <GeraldM> or current wars can peace out if anyone wants to, really depends on if the people fighting them want to
[21:31] <GeraldM> attacks any new nations
[21:31] <bzelger[STA]> what about going nuclear?
[21:31] <GeraldM> any nukes been dropped yet?
[21:31] <bzelger[STA]> no
[21:31] <bzelger[STA]> war isn't old enough yet
[21:35] <GeraldM> escelation would include nukes
03[21:35] * ChanServ sets mode: +ntr
[21:35] <bzelger[STA]> I don't see any ambiguity in last night's logs
[21:36] <bzelger[STA]> it looks to me like we agreed that there would be peace or he was ours to have our way with
[21:36] <GeraldM> to be honest this whole thing was a big fuck up of communications
[21:36] <bzelger[STA]> why should we renegotiate after making a reasonable deal and holding up our ent?
[21:36] <bzelger[STA]> *d
[21:36] <GeraldM> I understand that sta was entirely reasonable given the information it was passed on
[21:37] <Caliph> the part where I do not think you have been reasonable was when after your incorrect information was corrected.
[21:37] <Caliph> the simple point is, Merrie wants reps for being attacked.
01[21:37] <@pezstar> That's not going to happen.
[21:37] <bzelger[STA]> we're happy to accept that the war was the result of a miscommunication and let it go
01[21:37] <@pezstar> In fact, Merrie is going to have to pay us reps if he attacks tonight, breaking our agreement.
[21:37] <bzelger[STA]> however if he wishes to continue to wage war then it becomes more complicated
[21:38] <Caliph> not even an insginificant amount?  like $1?
01[21:38] <@pezstar> No.
[21:38] <bzelger[STA]> if he wants reps he should ask CSM
[21:38] <GeraldM> caliph drop the reps shit
[21:38] <GeraldM> it isnt happening
[21:38] <bzelger[STA]> who told us that he was going to rogue us
01[21:38] <@pezstar> Merrie did.
[21:38] <GeraldM> can I see the threats?
[21:38] <bzelger[STA]> I mean CSM did
[21:38] <Caliph> Merrie did not go rogue.
01[21:38] <@pezstar> Then CSM confirmed it, and that he was out of the alliance.
01[21:38] <@pezstar> We're not talking about last night.
01[21:38] <@pezstar> That was all hashed out.
[21:39] <GeraldM> basically sta did exactly what we'd do if someone ran their mouth and then was told they werent' in an alliance
01[21:39] <@pezstar> We're talking about what is going to happen if he attacks us tonight, breaking last night's agreement.
[21:39] <GeraldM> should he escelate it he's all yours
01[21:39] <@pezstar> If he attacks us tonight, will you remove him from \m/ government?
[21:39] <GeraldM> attack as in attack more members, or is continuing the current wars included in that?
01[21:40] <@pezstar> Continues the current wars.
01[21:40] <@pezstar> Our agreement was that it would be peaced out.
01[21:40] <@pezstar> He can not be at war with STA and still be a government member of \m/. That would make it a government sanctioned war.
[21:42] <bzelger[STA]> [20:38] <GeraldM> can I see the threats?
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> These are the logs that I'm aware of:
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:07] <pezstar> Also, just as a heads up, we are attacking merrie_melodies.
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <pezstar> [02:01] <Merrie_Melodies> Peztar I may drop the AA and rogue  so until I decide
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <pezstar> [02:02] <pezstar> You do what you need to do. A tech raid on a nation is not a "rogue" attack. It's a tech raid.
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <pezstar> [02:03] <Merrie_Melodies> When I nuke boomhower I am sure it will fit rogue
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <pezstar> He said that to me just a few minutes ago.
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <The_Chief> right
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <The_Chief> he told us
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <The_Chief> he's left
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> Merrie made a statement to the effect that he would rogue, it looks to me like CSM confirmed it and gave the ok to attack
[21:43] <GeraldM> yea that seems to be the case
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> Clearly, MM did not go rogue, and we're willing to drop it
[21:43] <GeraldM> trying to get him to declare peace over this, as I really cant fault you guys for acting the way you did
[21:44] <GeraldM> hell pretty sure we'd do same thing
[21:46] <bzelger[STA]> thanks; I don't blame MM for being upset over getting attacked for something he didn't do yet either
[21:47] <bzelger[STA]> but I don't feel the fault is on our end and we're not going to let him attack us for a week when there's a reasonable solution on the table
[21:47] <Caliph> he is not attacking you though
[21:47] <Caliph> you attacked him
01[21:47] <@pezstar> Again, we have an agreement.
01[21:47] <@pezstar> If he doesn't honour it, you need to remove him from gov.
[21:50] <bzelger[STA]> those wars are the result of your minister of foreign affairs confirming to us, as far as I can tell, that MM had resigned and was going to rogue us
[21:50] <Caliph> right
[21:50] <GeraldM> hence why I'm trying to get him to peace out
[21:50] <bzelger[STA]> we have a peace offer on the table, as it seems to not have been correct
[21:50] <Caliph> but what concerns me is how you handled it after we let you know that was incorrect.
[21:51] <bzelger[STA]> we offered peace
[21:51] <bzelger[STA]> that seems reasonable to me
[21:51] <Caliph> well it doesn't seem like you're negotiating anything, you are dictating.
01[21:51] <@pezstar> I don't care about your concerns. We had an agreement. We honoured our end of it.
01[21:51] <@pezstar> There's nothing to negotiate.
01[21:51] <@pezstar> We already came to an agreement.
[21:51] <GeraldM> and we are trying to get mm to accept that peace
[21:52] <Caliph> by threatening our alliance with war.
01[21:52] <@pezstar> We didn't come here to negotiate with you. We came here to tell you that if he does not peace out his war, you're going to have to declare him a rogue, remove him from gov and let us do what we please with his nation.
01[21:52] <@pezstar> A threat is warranted when you're attempting to allow a member of your government to attack us.
[21:53] <GeraldM> personally given the nature of this being a miscommunication neither side should have been threatening
[21:53] <bzelger[STA]> we're not here to threaten
[21:53] <bzelger[STA]> we just want to make our position clear
[21:55] <bzelger[STA]> are you talking with Merrie Melodies on IRC?
[21:55] <GeraldM> yes
[22:05] <Caliph> Ok
01[22:07] <@pezstar> Have you reached a concensus?
[22:08] <GeraldM> hold on a sec talking to merrie now to finish this up as it'll be his decision where it goes
01[22:08] <@pezstar> Ok.
[22:15] <bzelger[STA]>
[22:15] <bzelger[STA]> is that a government announcement? o_O
[22:15] <Caliph> Yes
[22:15] <Caliph> that is your official answer
01[22:15] <@pezstar> Ok. Looks like we're done then.
01[22:15] <@pezstar> Thank you.
[22:16] <bzelger[STA]> So we will remain at war with Merrie Melodies until he and the STA come to an understanding regarding peace
[22:16] <GeraldM> sorry that we couldnt get this sorted out without merrie deciding to keep fighting
01[22:16] <@pezstar> It is what it is.
[22:17] <bzelger[STA]> I appreciate you giving it an honest effort
[22:17] <bzelger[STA]> Thanks for a cordial discussion
[22:18] <GeraldM> no problem
02[22:20] * GeraldM  Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by don)))
Public Diplomacy / Re: Discussion between STA, \m/ and allies of each side 8-17-2010
« Last post by waycool on August 17, 2010, 09:11:27 PM »
Wow that's an hour of your life gone forever Pez.  8-)
That was a headache, but thanks for sharing.
Looks like good times.
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