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NpO loves STA


I've just signed up for the STA forums, and I can't find a better place to post this. So I'll do it here.

I've been playing CN for a long time now. I first started about three years ago. When I first joined, I became a member of the NPO and got stomped during Karma. Then I joined NpO because (this sounds weird to say now, but I still love the crazy man) I loved Grub's posts. I got stomped during the Bi-Polar and Bye-Polar Wars. So I've never really been on the winning side of a conflict. But that doesn't matter to me. What matters is the community on CN that doesn't give two chips about pixels, that stays together no matter what, that doesn't die despite the odds, knowing that in the future our side will be judged just.

I'm a nobody. I've never had a government position. But I know solidarity when I see it, and I want to thank STA for burning pixels for a bigger truth - the truth of our undying friendship. We love you at the NpO and we always will.

- Brokenhead

Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate the sentiment.

Polar :wub:


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