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An Apology to the Siberian Tiger Alliance

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I've made some public apologies in the past, but I think I owe one to the general membership of Siberia.  It only occurs to me recently the scope of my historical actions.

Unsurprisingly, I'm most known by STA as that one douchebag who was a giant douchebag during the War of the Coalition.

At the time, I was a fresh new leader, following under the guide of those I was tied to in the Hegemony of old.  I fought against STA, I trolled STA endlessly, and I extorted reparations from STA at the end of the event.

While I don't regret the war itself, and I still recall the strength and ability of my Siberian opponents of the day, the latter two are massive errors that I have come to deeply regret.

I personally apologize to every member of Siberia, past and present, for my actions.

I have striven to be a better person, and will continue to strive to repair the damage I caused Siberia.


Thanks, HoT, your apology is accepted.

This is pretty amazing of you! Thanks, HoT! I apologize for some of the mockery I've done, particularly the later stuff. Toward the beginning, you totally deserved it. :p

An unsolicited and genuine apology. Thank you.

Awwwww, how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!  :wub:
I'm so glad this happened.


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