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STA Tech Dealer Terms and Conditions
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:16:13 PM »
STA Tech Dealer Proposal

Section A

STA Tech Dealer Obligations:

A) Shall not war, or provoke any nation
B) Aid only STA nations through tech deals
C) Provide timely delivery of purchased tech
D) Will conclude all tech deals before leaving the "STA tech dealer" AA 
E) Inform the STA if attacked.
F) Click on "edit my nation" to the left of your nation screen, then click on "alliance affiliation." In the drop down menu type Siberian Tiger Alliance, then click save. I will receive notification of your pending application and approve you.

Should a member of the STA tech dealer AA fail to meet these obligations said member risks an end of STA protection and expulsion from STA tech dealer AA.

Section B

STA Obligations:

The Siberian Tiger Alliance shall, at the sole discretion of the STA, in whole or in part, provide support in the following manner should your nation become unjustly attacked.

A) Financial: The STA may send money to help defend your nation.
B) Milititary: STA members may declare war in your defense provided we have nations in range and diplomacy fails.
C) Political: The STA may negotiate reparations on your behalf for damages incurred.   
D) Guidance: The STA will advise you how to properly set up your nation up for war and advise on military tactics.

Section C

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)Why do I have to join your alliance in game in order to sell you tech?

Three reasons. 1) Setting "Siberian Tiger Alliance" as your AA serves as notice to potential raiders you are not unaligned and off limits to attacks. Most raiding alliances (ours included) have strict guidelines for tech raiding and hitting aligned nations is prohibited for most if not all raiding alliances. 2) It is much easier to manage our tech seller program having all sellers under one roof so to speak. 3) In a nutshell we are protecting our investment as buying technology from unaligned nations is simply too risky.

2)How do tech deals work and how much can I make?

A guide with everything you need to know about how to tech deal and potential earnings is outlined here.

3)Why can't I raid or declare any offensive wars?

The reason we do this is because the STA is responsible for your protection and therefore your actions. If we have protected tech seller nations declaring war then it harms the reputation of the STA and greatly increases the risk of retaliatory strikes.

4) What happens if I come under attack?

First and foremost do not panic. Secondly, do NOT retaliate. Set your defcon level to one, alert level to severe, change your government to Communist. This is found in the "edit my nation" section on your nation page. Then purchase as many soldiers as the game will allow found under the "purchase military" bar on your nation screen. Next contact the STA immediatley, a list of contacts will be provided for you. The STA will attempt to negotiate a resolution, failing that instruction will be given on how best to proceed.

5)Why can't I retaliate immediately if I am attacked?

One reason is to give diplomacy a chance which is standard practice in Cybernations. Many times attacks on aligned nations are mistakes from new players to the game and can be easily settled without war. Also allows us to negotiate reperations to finacially compensate you for your losses, which are nullified should you retaliate.
 Another reason is most small nations have little to no experiance properly waging war, if you or your nation are not properly prepared you will simply be giving away your land, tech and cash. And we have a vested interest in seeing that not happen. :P

6)What if I want to leave the STA tech dealer alliance?

As a courtesy give your buyers a heads up and complete all your deals. Once that is done remove STA tech dealer from your AA. When the final deal is completed our protection agreement comes to an end.

Any questions or concerns can be messaged to me here
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