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Discussion between STA, \m/ #2. 8/17/2010
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:25:31 AM »
Session Start: Tue Aug 17 21:23:10 2010
Session Ident: #litterbox
03[21:23] * Now talking in #litterbox
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01[21:23] <@pezstar> I'm getting the two \m/ triums who are on in here.
[21:24] <bzelger[STA]> ok
[21:25] <GeraldM> talking to merrie now so hold on one sec
01[21:25] <@pezstar> Hi, Gerald. I've invited caliph.
01[21:25] <@pezstar> Sure. We have some time.
[21:25] <GeraldM> yea so far from what I can get this whole thing started over miscomunication and didn't go well from there >.<
03[21:26] * Caliph has joined #litterbox
[21:26] <Caliph> Hola
01[21:26] <@pezstar> Hey.
01[21:26] <@pezstar> So basically, we're here to talk about what's going to happen if Merrie attacks us tonight.
[21:26] <bzelger[STA]> Evening.
[21:27] <Caliph> if MM attacks tonight, the 2 nations on MM right now can retaliate for one full war cycle
01[21:27] <@pezstar> Just so we're clear, if he does not peace out his war with us, you will have to remove him from government, because you cannot have a government sanctioned war on STA.
01[21:27] <@pezstar> No. We'll put a stagger on him too, and we'll attack him for as long as we feel like.
[21:27] <Caliph> The problem is that you attacked him first, he has a right to defend his nation.
01[21:28] <@pezstar> We sent peace offers as agreed. If he doesn't want to abide by our agreement, we're going to attack him.
01[21:28] <@pezstar> And we're going to do it for as long as we please.
[21:28] <Caliph> The compromise I see is that he didn't accept the peace, so he can stay in the wars for one full war cycle
[21:28] <GeraldM> just so I can see, anyone got a link to the threats merrie said?
01[21:28] <@pezstar> And if you do not remove him frmo \m/ gov while he has the open war with us, we are going to attack you as well.
[21:28] <Caliph> with the existing wars staying active
01[21:29] <@pezstar> By you, I mean all of \m/.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> Not just your nation.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> No, there really isn't a compromise.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> We had an agreement.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> We are sticking to it.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> In said agreement, you said that if he attacked, we would be free to attack him.
01[21:29] <@pezstar> We'll be doing so.
[21:29] <Caliph> So you want us to expel a member from government and our alliance because you attacked him?
01[21:29] <@pezstar> Not the alliance.
[21:29] <GeraldM> hold on a sec caliph
01[21:29] <@pezstar> Just the government.
04[21:29] <Caliph> That is not what was said Pezstar
[21:29] <Caliph> what was said was if Merrie goes rogue, you can have him
[21:30] <Caliph> he has not gone rogue, defending against your two nations atacking him is not rogue.
01[21:30] <@pezstar> [03:27] <~EmperorMarx> Merrie won't be attacking
01[21:30] <@pezstar> [03:27] <&Kev_McD[Goauld|Tri]> no, Josshill[PC]
01[21:30] <@pezstar> [03:27] <&Kev_McD[Goauld|Tri]> but EM can
01[21:30] <@pezstar> [03:27] <~EmperorMarx> And if for some god awful reason that he does, then you can have him.
01[21:30] <@pezstar> That's exactly what was said actually.
01[21:30] <@pezstar> Along with our agreement to peace out the wars.
[21:30] <GeraldM> how about this, we remove merrie from gov, current wars continue for full cycle, and if merrie escelates you can continue, otherwise the issue is dropped?
[21:31] <bzelger[STA]> define escalates please
[21:31] <Caliph> that meant that we will do nothing about the current wars until they expire
[21:31] <GeraldM> or current wars can peace out if anyone wants to, really depends on if the people fighting them want to
[21:31] <GeraldM> attacks any new nations
[21:31] <bzelger[STA]> what about going nuclear?
[21:31] <GeraldM> any nukes been dropped yet?
[21:31] <bzelger[STA]> no
[21:31] <bzelger[STA]> war isn't old enough yet
[21:35] <GeraldM> escelation would include nukes
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[21:35] <bzelger[STA]> I don't see any ambiguity in last night's logs
[21:36] <bzelger[STA]> it looks to me like we agreed that there would be peace or he was ours to have our way with
[21:36] <GeraldM> to be honest this whole thing was a big fuck up of communications
[21:36] <bzelger[STA]> why should we renegotiate after making a reasonable deal and holding up our ent?
[21:36] <bzelger[STA]> *d
[21:36] <GeraldM> I understand that sta was entirely reasonable given the information it was passed on
[21:37] <Caliph> the part where I do not think you have been reasonable was when after your incorrect information was corrected.
[21:37] <Caliph> the simple point is, Merrie wants reps for being attacked.
01[21:37] <@pezstar> That's not going to happen.
[21:37] <bzelger[STA]> we're happy to accept that the war was the result of a miscommunication and let it go
01[21:37] <@pezstar> In fact, Merrie is going to have to pay us reps if he attacks tonight, breaking our agreement.
[21:37] <bzelger[STA]> however if he wishes to continue to wage war then it becomes more complicated
[21:38] <Caliph> not even an insginificant amount?  like $1?
01[21:38] <@pezstar> No.
[21:38] <bzelger[STA]> if he wants reps he should ask CSM
[21:38] <GeraldM> caliph drop the reps shit
[21:38] <GeraldM> it isnt happening
[21:38] <bzelger[STA]> who told us that he was going to rogue us
01[21:38] <@pezstar> Merrie did.
[21:38] <GeraldM> can I see the threats?
[21:38] <bzelger[STA]> I mean CSM did
[21:38] <Caliph> Merrie did not go rogue.
01[21:38] <@pezstar> Then CSM confirmed it, and that he was out of the alliance.
01[21:38] <@pezstar> We're not talking about last night.
01[21:38] <@pezstar> That was all hashed out.
[21:39] <GeraldM> basically sta did exactly what we'd do if someone ran their mouth and then was told they werent' in an alliance
01[21:39] <@pezstar> We're talking about what is going to happen if he attacks us tonight, breaking last night's agreement.
[21:39] <GeraldM> should he escelate it he's all yours
01[21:39] <@pezstar> If he attacks us tonight, will you remove him from \m/ government?
[21:39] <GeraldM> attack as in attack more members, or is continuing the current wars included in that?
01[21:40] <@pezstar> Continues the current wars.
01[21:40] <@pezstar> Our agreement was that it would be peaced out.
01[21:40] <@pezstar> He can not be at war with STA and still be a government member of \m/. That would make it a government sanctioned war.
[21:42] <bzelger[STA]> [20:38] <GeraldM> can I see the threats?
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> These are the logs that I'm aware of:
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:07] <pezstar> Also, just as a heads up, we are attacking merrie_melodies.
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <pezstar> [02:01] <Merrie_Melodies> Peztar I may drop the AA and rogue  so until I decide
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <pezstar> [02:02] <pezstar> You do what you need to do. A tech raid on a nation is not a "rogue" attack. It's a tech raid.
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <pezstar> [02:03] <Merrie_Melodies> When I nuke boomhower I am sure it will fit rogue
04[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <pezstar> He said that to me just a few minutes ago.
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <The_Chief> right
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <The_Chief> he told us
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> [02:08] <The_Chief> he's left
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> Merrie made a statement to the effect that he would rogue, it looks to me like CSM confirmed it and gave the ok to attack
[21:43] <GeraldM> yea that seems to be the case
[21:43] <bzelger[STA]> Clearly, MM did not go rogue, and we're willing to drop it
[21:43] <GeraldM> trying to get him to declare peace over this, as I really cant fault you guys for acting the way you did
[21:44] <GeraldM> hell pretty sure we'd do same thing
[21:46] <bzelger[STA]> thanks; I don't blame MM for being upset over getting attacked for something he didn't do yet either
[21:47] <bzelger[STA]> but I don't feel the fault is on our end and we're not going to let him attack us for a week when there's a reasonable solution on the table
[21:47] <Caliph> he is not attacking you though
[21:47] <Caliph> you attacked him
01[21:47] <@pezstar> Again, we have an agreement.
01[21:47] <@pezstar> If he doesn't honour it, you need to remove him from gov.
[21:50] <bzelger[STA]> those wars are the result of your minister of foreign affairs confirming to us, as far as I can tell, that MM had resigned and was going to rogue us
[21:50] <Caliph> right
[21:50] <GeraldM> hence why I'm trying to get him to peace out
[21:50] <bzelger[STA]> we have a peace offer on the table, as it seems to not have been correct
[21:50] <Caliph> but what concerns me is how you handled it after we let you know that was incorrect.
[21:51] <bzelger[STA]> we offered peace
[21:51] <bzelger[STA]> that seems reasonable to me
[21:51] <Caliph> well it doesn't seem like you're negotiating anything, you are dictating.
01[21:51] <@pezstar> I don't care about your concerns. We had an agreement. We honoured our end of it.
01[21:51] <@pezstar> There's nothing to negotiate.
01[21:51] <@pezstar> We already came to an agreement.
[21:51] <GeraldM> and we are trying to get mm to accept that peace
[21:52] <Caliph> by threatening our alliance with war.
01[21:52] <@pezstar> We didn't come here to negotiate with you. We came here to tell you that if he does not peace out his war, you're going to have to declare him a rogue, remove him from gov and let us do what we please with his nation.
01[21:52] <@pezstar> A threat is warranted when you're attempting to allow a member of your government to attack us.
[21:53] <GeraldM> personally given the nature of this being a miscommunication neither side should have been threatening
[21:53] <bzelger[STA]> we're not here to threaten
[21:53] <bzelger[STA]> we just want to make our position clear
[21:55] <bzelger[STA]> are you talking with Merrie Melodies on IRC?
[21:55] <GeraldM> yes
[22:05] <Caliph> Ok
01[22:07] <@pezstar> Have you reached a concensus?
[22:08] <GeraldM> hold on a sec talking to merrie now to finish this up as it'll be his decision where it goes
01[22:08] <@pezstar> Ok.
[22:15] <bzelger[STA]>
[22:15] <bzelger[STA]> is that a government announcement? o_O
[22:15] <Caliph> Yes
[22:15] <Caliph> that is your official answer
01[22:15] <@pezstar> Ok. Looks like we're done then.
01[22:15] <@pezstar> Thank you.
[22:16] <bzelger[STA]> So we will remain at war with Merrie Melodies until he and the STA come to an understanding regarding peace
[22:16] <GeraldM> sorry that we couldnt get this sorted out without merrie deciding to keep fighting
01[22:16] <@pezstar> It is what it is.
[22:17] <bzelger[STA]> I appreciate you giving it an honest effort
[22:17] <bzelger[STA]> Thanks for a cordial discussion
[22:18] <GeraldM> no problem
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