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Tech Dealing Guide For STA Tech Dealers
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:20:40 PM »
What is Tech Dealing?

As you may have noticed, you have foreign aid slots which allow you to send or receive aid shipments to/from other nations. You have 4 of these, 5 if you buy the foreign ministry improvement. These slots once used take 10 days to reset. Each slot may be used to transfer up to $6 million, 100 technology, and 4000 soldiers from one player to another. Once a transfer has been made between two nations, another transfer may not occur between these same two players for another 10 days.

Normally these foreign aid slots just sit there and are not generating any revenue for your nation. So why not use them to make yourself a little more cash on the side?

Since technology and money can be transferred through aid slots though, a tech dealing system has developed. Larger nations are more than happy to pay smaller nations (like you) to buy tech for them and send them the tech back.

Basically, someone (the "buyer") sends you (the "seller") $6 million on Day 1. Ten days later (on Day 11) after the foreign aid slot between you two has cleared, the seller sends 100 tech back to the buyer. Another ten days later (Day 21) the seller sends another 100 tech. The deal is then complete and if both the buyer and seller desire, they may start another round ten days later (on Day 31), starting the entire process over again

How much do I make?

This process yields you at about $2.5 million in profit (more if you follow the bits of advice listed below), so if you use 4 aid slots to sell technology that's at least $10 million every month in profit. Hey, you're not using those slots for anything else, so why not earn another $10 million (12.5m with an extra aid slot) for basically nothing?

Tips for maximising profit!

1) After accepting your first aid offer, buy the Harbor imrovement. Why? It gives you another aid slot allowing you to earn more profit!

2)Technology gets progressively more expensive and so you should NEVER have more than 100 technology on you while you are a seller at any given time (since you're just going to ship it out). If you do have more than 100 tech right now, that's ok; just stop purchasing any more and simply sell it to buyers. Do not purchase any more tech until you fall back below 100.

3) A neat trick: If you have, say three buyers you have to send 100 tech to on the same day, just make sure you have 100 tech and then submit offers to all of them. It doesn't matter that you don't have the 300 tech to meet all of those obligations, the game will let you send the aid offers anyway.

After one buyer accepts, buy again up to 100 tech so that the next buyer can accept, etc. The reason for this is that the ten day cooldown on foreign aid slots starts from the moment the aid is *offered* and not when it is accepted. So, if you send your buyer 100 tech on October 10th, but he doesn't accept it till October 19th, that slot still clears the next day on October 20th since the 20th is ten days from when it was offered.

4)This is important enough to mention as it cuts tech costs. Instead of just buying in groups of 10 (0 -> 10 -> 20 -> 30 -> 40 -> 50 tech), you should buy in the amounts specified below to save money:

0 - 4.5
4.5 - 14.5
14.5 - 24.5
24.5 - 29.5
29.5 - 39.5
39.5 - 49.5
49.5 - 50

so 4.5, 10, 10, 5, 10, 10, .5

If you buy 10 tech at a time then it will cost you $860,000. If you do it this way though, it only ends up costing $812,225. That's a savings of $47,775 per every half tech deal.

5) keep 100 tech on you, even after your tech dealing obligations are covered. Technology improves happiness (to an extent), so you want to keep 100 tech on you to benefit yourself.

Tech Seller Responsibilities

1) Be punctual. Do not be late in submitting your foreign aid offer to your buyer. It takes 10 days for an aid slot to clear, so if you're late it you will have to renew the offer which pushes everything back another 10 days.

2) Make sure you either have 100 technology on days 11 and 21 or enough cash to buy it. Buyers do not appreciate sellers that default on their tech obligations, and neither does the alliance.

3)Make certain you keep enough money in reserve to ship tech out to your buyers. Lets' say you receive 30m  from tech buyers (5 slots X 6m), with an estimated profit of ~2.5m profit per deal, you can safely spend about 12m while the remaining 18m will be used to purchase tech.

So there you have it, everything you will ever need to know about selling technology. If you have any questions you can message me ingame and I will be happy to answer.
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