Author Topic: Merrie Melodies peace query 8/17/10  (Read 7287 times)

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Merrie Melodies peace query 8/17/10
« on: August 18, 2010, 03:49:38 AM »
[23:41] <Merrie_Melodies> Hello
[23:44] <pezstar> Hi.
[23:45] <Merrie_Melodies> JB been talking with me
[23:45] <Merrie_Melodies> no reps, peace offer and done?
[23:45] <pezstar> I don't know about all that.
[23:45] <pezstar> You've spent all day talking crap to us.
[23:45] <Merrie_Melodies> ok
[23:46] <pezstar> And put us through all kinds of unneccesary stress.
[23:46] <pezstar> So I'll open a thread in our government forum to talk about it and we'll see what the consensus is.
[23:46] <Merrie_Melodies> well I was rather looking for a \m/ STA war last night
[23:46] <Merrie_Melodies> Ill be quite hinest about that
[23:46] <Merrie_Melodies> honest**
[23:48] <pezstar> You had to know that wasn't going to happen. The treaty web is heavily in our favor, and a couple of your allies told your government that they would back folks on the other side of the war.
[23:48] <Merrie_Melodies> best shot there is going to be in awhile
[23:48] <Merrie_Melodies> alas, gone
[23:52] <pezstar> Why did you want to pick a fight with STA?
[23:53] <Merrie_Melodies> same reason you wanted to pick a fight with \m/ I suppose
[23:53] <pezstar> We didn't want to pick a fight with \m/. All we wanted to do was stop the precedent you were trying to set in it's tracks. We'd have done it to any alliance.
[23:56] <Merrie_Melodies> there was no precedent being set
[23:56] <Merrie_Melodies> it was a friggin joke
[23:57] <pezstar> Right. Except that \m/ threatened FnKA for raiding a GGA nation.
[23:57] <Merrie_Melodies> yeah, Stubbs did after he was told not too
[23:58] <Merrie_Melodies> tbh it doesnt involve me anymore what \m/ did. I really wanted to see how they would react, and I am disappointed
[23:58] <pezstar> They caved twice yesterday. You should not be surprised that they did it a third time.
[23:59] <Merrie_Melodies> its like a puppy, if you keep working one day it will pee outside
[23:59] <pezstar> Haha.
[00:20] <pezstar> So it looks like we're probably going to war you for a round and be done with it.
[00:22] <Merrie_Melodies> nukes?
[00:22] <Merrie_Melodies> might as well ask the ground rules
[00:27] <pezstar> If you destroy your nukes, we will keep it nuke free.
[00:28] <pezstar> But if you have one nuke at any point during the war, we will nuke.
[00:28] <pezstar> Is that a deal?
[00:28] <Merrie_Melodies> your choice I am fine either way
[00:28] <Merrie_Melodies> no nukes> ok
[00:28] <Merrie_Melodies> puts me at disadvantage but should still be fun
[00:28] <pezstar> If you want to use nukes, we're ok with that.
[00:29] <pezstar> Our goal is not to destroy you.
[00:29] <pezstar> You're an active contributing player.
[00:29] <pezstar> But at the same time, you DID try to start a war with STA and you caused all kinds of shit.
[00:29] <Merrie_Melodies> I tried to start a SF CnG split actuall :p
[00:30] <Merrie_Melodies> actually
[00:30] <pezstar> You could have just gone and spied on someone. :p
[00:30] <Merrie_Melodies> dont worry, if you to me as close to ZI I wouldnt leave so dont fear loosing a active player
[00:31] <pezstar> It's up to you. If you don't want nukes, destroy yours and let me know. If you want them, keep them and we'll use them.
[00:31] <Merrie_Melodies> anyways I'll dump nukes and see if I can get an anarchy conventionally
[00:31] <Merrie_Melodies> :p
[00:31] <pezstar> Ok
[00:33] <Merrie_Melodies> also in good faith
[00:33] <Merrie_Melodies>  [Message Unread]       8/17/2010 9:07:56 PM    In Spades     Foreign Aid Offer
[00:33] <Merrie_Melodies> I declined aid from RoK
[00:33] <Merrie_Melodies> that could have been a fun twist
[00:33] <pezstar> Thanks. We were going to go to RoK about it in just a moment.
[00:33] <pezstar> Well, it was sent before you were let go from your alliance, so it wouldn't have caused much drama. :p